Optometrist: Toronto (Downtown)

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Optometrist: Toronto (Downtown)
Do you know how often you should have your eyes examined? Many of us are diligent about dental visits, but neglect to have regular eye examinations. If you're wondering about when to have your family's eyes checked, here are some guidelines:
  • Infants. All infants need to have their eyes checked by six months of age. Any impediment to vision at this age may result in the failure to develop stereo vision, and after nine months of age, attempts to correct the problem may be too late.
  • Young Children. Young children should have eye exams at ages three and five. These early exams help to detect conditions such as "lazy” or "crossed” eyes. Prompt intervention is necessary to correct these problems.
  • Schoolchildren and Adolescents. All children and teens need yearly eye exams, as the eyes change rapidly in these years. Eye difficulties can hinder children's ability to learn and to play sports. Even if your child's school has a screening program, it's recommended that they receive annual eye exams from a qualified optometrist until they are finished post-secondary education.
  • Ages 19 – 39. Most young adults' eyes have stabilized, but regular exams are necessary to monitor eye health.
  • Age 40+. A return to yearly examinations is recommended for people in this age group, since the risk for developing conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases increases significantly with time. Detecting these problems early can prevent permanent vision loss.
Visiting An Optometrist
Getting an eye exam in Toronto is very simple. The most popular eyewear retail chains offer in-store eye exams, and boast several downtown Toronto locations. Simply check with your nearest store for hours when the licensed optometrist will be present and book an appointment, or walk in.
A great advantage to this method of eye examination is that if you do need to purchase your first pair of glasses, or if your current eyeglass prescription needs upgrading, you will be in the right spot! Chains such as Hakim Optical offer consistently lower prices for quality eyewear. High-end fashion eyewear costs approximately 50% less at one of these competitive factory outlets than when purchased from a smaller optical shop. As well, special promotional deals often make it possible for you to get a deep discount simply for booking an in-store eye exam!
Other common in-store specials may include two-for-the-price-of-one deals, offers to beat competitors' advertised prices, special deals on sunglasses or protective eyewear, and great deals on contact lenses or children's eyeglasses.
The Retail Chain Advantage
Other reasons to visit retail chain stores such as Hakim's Optical include their renowned fast service. Most stores offer incredible 1-hour service, since specially trained in-house opticians are available to work on your prescription immediately.
Since these stores deal in much greater volumes than small independent optical stores, not only are prices lower, but also selection is greater. These stores offer a huge selection of fashionable eyewear that can meet all of your family's needs.
As well, these familiar stores are well established, and have been in business for many years. You can be sure that you're trusting your eyesight to a dependable company.
Finally, stores such as Hakim's have many locations in Toronto and across Canada. Call the one nearest you today and keep your eyes healthy and looking beautiful!